Medicine has changed and many doctors find themselves feeling trapped.

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While physicians were busy caring for patients, medicine was hijacked. Powerful third parties now control medicine and we answer to them. We’re trapped.

Trapped in a system that devalues their work. Trapped by a mountain of red tape. Trapped by crushing debt and declining reimbursements.

This loss of autonomy has led to serious physician discontent and burnout. NestEggRx is a place for such physicians – a place to learn about your options for securing a financial future outside of medicine.

Uncouple the time for money paradigm.

Ultimately, I believe that creating income streams outside of medicine is the answer. By uncoupling the time for money earned income paradigm one has options. That’s what passive income is all about.

NestEggRx is the place to learn about all forms of passive income including my favorite – Commercial Multifamily Real Estate.

I’ve found my passion helping other physicians shed the shackles of corporate medicine. And in those efforts, I’ve also been able to help countless non-physicians learn to do the same.

It’s been a blessing and I look forward to helping you learn all you can about creating passive income so you can live your best life too.

The stats are staggering


of Physicians

More than 2/3 of physicians would retire today if they had the means to do so.


of Physicians

Almost 85% of physicians think that medicine is in the decline.


of Forbes 400

Almost all of the Forbes 400 invest in real estate as a way to maintain their wealth.

I was driven to do something different.

Now I’m dedicated to sharing my success.

Trying to advocate for my patients in a system more concerned with the bottom line left me feeling marginalized and burned out. I found myself going through the motions, trading time for money, and practicing Mother May I Medicine.

I wanted out, but had no options.

It was during my darkest days that I discovered a light at the end of the tunnel. I learned how to create streams of income outside of medicine using commercial multifamily real estate. For almost two decades, I’ve been investing in apartments and realizing stable returns.

Apartment investing has become my passion and I am dedicated to helping my fellow physicians find options and security outside of medicine.

I show doctors how commercial multifamily real estate can provide multi-source income that gives current yield in the form of cash-flow and long-term growth through principal pay-down and appreciation. And those benefits are highly tax efficient.

In the last few years, I’ve been involved in the acquisition of over $200 million worth of apartment assets, all of which have provided investors with profitable annual returns.

Now, my mission is to provide information, education, and access to this compelling asset class to others.

To your wealth!

Why invest in multifamily real estate?

Wealth Building

There are strong wealth building opportunities that come with fractional ownership of multifamily real estate.

Deal Matching

We work with real estate acquisition specialists to carefully match investors with deals and or syndication.

Pooled Capital

Pooling your money with like-minded investors allows you to acquire some of the best real estate in the best markets in the country.

Passive Income

Invest in a portfolio that gives you passive income without having to manage the day-to-day operations.

I now practice medicine on my terms and you can too.

About the Author

Meet Dennis Bethel, M.D.
Founder & Curator of NestEggRx

Dennis Bethel is a physician by training, but commercial multifamily real estate is his passion. After 18 years of service in a broken health care system, he retired from medicine and now focuses on sharing his love of apartment investing and the freedom that can be created from passive income.

While Dennis is known for his educational items created primarily for doctors, he’s also had the privilege of helping countless non-physicians. The fact that his work isn’t for doctors exclusively has been codified in the fact that he co-founded the Accredited Investor Network Facebook Group for accredited investors looking to learn from each other about the various forms of private placements.

Dennis brings with him more than 20 years of real estate investing experience that includes operations, market development, acquisitions, and capital development. He has extensive experience and first-hand insight into the commercial real estate investing market and its opportunities as a revenue channel for physicians.

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