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Multifamily Real Estate Investing for Physicians

As a physician, you must review your wealth building and retirement strategies. This webinar gives you in-depth insight into:

  • The 30-year demographic trends driving multifamily investing success today.
  • The combination of five tax advantages only available to real estate investors.
  • How to get predictable passive income and equity growth from large apartment investments.

About the Presenter

Meet Dennis Bethel, M.D.
Founder & Curator of NestEggRx

Dennis Bethel is a physician by training, but commercial multifamily real estate is his passion. After 18 years of service in a broken health care system, he retired from medicine and now focuses on sharing his love of apartment investing and the freedom that can be created from passive income.

While Dennis is known for his educational items created primarily for doctors, this work isn’t for doctors exclusively.

Dennis brings with him more than a dozen years of real estate investing experience that includes operations, market development, and acquisitions. As a principal with 37th Parallel Properties, he has first-hand insight into the commercial real estate investing market and its opportunities as a revenue channel for physicians.