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Residency For Apartment Investors

And you are ALWAYS taught by someone who knows how to do it well - sometimes the best in the country. In reality, it took far more supervised repetitions to master these procedures, but the concept was the same. Doctors learned to be doctors using the apprentice model (residency). And if you go back in time, this is how mankind…
Dennis Bethel
July 20, 2016
Real Estate

I Order Pregnancy Tests On Men

Now before you go and question my professional competency, let me assure you that I went to a good medical school. I also completed a four-year residency in Emergency Medicine at a top-notch residency program. I was board-certified less than one year after finishing and have maintained that status ever since.
Dennis Bethel
February 9, 2016
Real Estate Investing

Multifamily Real Estate Investing Is Evergreen

In the face of rapidly changing industries, businesses must be ever vigilant to grow and evolve or they too will face extinction. We have all heard that 9 out of every 10 new businesses fail. However, unlike a tree that falls in the forest, when one of these bigger companies fall, the impact can be heard and felt worldwide. Investors…
Dennis Bethel
July 3, 2013