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Hanging Up The White Coat

There are a lot of doctors who build their entire financial plan around earned income and their own labor. They don't think to build stable streams of passive income outside of medicine and therefore they get stuck in this bloated system without any options.
Dennis Bethel
October 26, 2016
Real Estate

Taxes – Your Biggest Expense

Real estate happens to have some of the most favorable tax benefits. In fact, I like to say that if your investments aren't tax-advantaged, tax-deferred, or tax-free then you must not be investing in real estate.
Dennis Bethel
April 3, 2016
Real Estate Investing

This Doctor’s Grizzly Confession

I much prefer investing in multifamily real estate in which everyone can be a winner. The tenants win because they have a clean, safe place to live. The employees win because they have a stable income that puts food on their table. The sellers win when they sell for a reasonable profit. The buyers win when they take over and…
Dennis Bethel
November 14, 2015